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Our interests align with yours, every step of the way.  

Before Staffing Advisors conducted our first search, Bob Corlett spent 4 years studying what clients really want from the hiring process. With that knowledge, he designed our business practices to consistently align with your interests, on every issue, every step of the way. This short video illustrates how we work with our clients to develop the candidate pool.

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Our client testimonials point to five additional factors that distinguish the Results-Based Hiring® Process from the practices of other search firms:

 1) An Unconditional Guarantee

You will be protected by our industry-leading 18 month unconditional replacement guarantee. But you probably won't need it. (Over 85% of the people we've placed are still on the job after 3 years.)

 2) Speed, Predictability and Straightforward Budgeting

You will be interviewing within weeks, not months. Our hiring process is so fast and predictable that on the first day of your search you’ll receive a timeline mapping out every step (including when you’ll be interviewing and when you can expect to make the job offer). Our fees are fixed, simple, and all-inclusive.

 3) Remote Work

Our interviewing practices are designed for a remote work environment. Our team has always been 100% virtual, so we are well positioned to support you now. (These links offer more about remote work, video interviews and the services a modern executive search firm should offer.)

 4) Partnership

Our recruiting practices are designed to support cultural fit and employee retention. We work in long-term partnership with you. (Over 80% of our work is with clients who have engaged us 3 or more times.) 

 5) Diversity Recruiting Expertise

Our recruiting process incorporates your specific needs and adapts to current job market conditions, recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds. We realize that developing a diverse pool of candidates is only a first step. We also support you with Evidence-Based Interviewing practices, helping you reduce bias through the entire hiring process.

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