Meet Our Team

Our client engagement team is supported by researchers, writers, strategists, and sourcing professionals—a team of specialists working simultaneously on every search. Our team approach ensures a predictable and fast-moving interview sequence that is attractive to candidates and reduces the risk of losing your top candidate to a competing offer.

Shara Afonso

Project Coordinator

As one of our versatile Project Coordinators, Shara has a hand in it all, supporting every stage of a search from sales prep and research to candidate support and reference checks. Shara joined Staffing Advisors in 2016 after a career in marketing and helps us stay on track with what’s going on with our clients in the industry.

Bob Corlett

President & Founder

Bob Corlett, the founder and president of the firm, has been named one of the 100 most influential people in staffing. Bob is a frequent speaker on competency-driven hiring and a founding member of the Editorial Advisory Board for The HR Examiner. In his thirty-year career in executive search, Bob has continually leveraged the latest research and technology to inform and improve hiring practices, making them faster, more inclusive, more certain, and less expensive for employers. Thousands of hiring executives read the Staffing Advisors monthly newsletters, blogs and How-To-Guides. Bob has worked in the staffing industry since 1989, starting Staffing Advisors in 2002.

Aileen Hedden

Vice President of Client Engagement

With a career spanning two decades of executive recruiting, Aileen has successfully completed hundreds of searches for some of Washington’s most prominent associations, nonprofit organizations, and private companies. She also oversees client deliverables and engagement, driving business outcomes that support clients’ specific and individual needs.

Lilly Khan, CIR, CSSR

Project Director

Lilly is an AIRS certified recruitment specialist with a background in both the private and public sector. Over the past ten years, she has built a strong network in and around Washington DC with a focus in education, data, and public policy. She has a proven track record of client relationship management and specializes in improving the candidate experience.

Kim Kistner

Vice President of Strategic Recruiting

Kim, a Certified Diversity Sourcing Professional, has more than twenty years of experience leading recruiting teams in executive search firms as well as corporate environments such as Booz Allen Hamilton. Using advanced software and analytics, her experienced team has an unparalleled, rapid ability to identify highly qualified candidates not actively seeking a new position. Her team actively monitors the effectiveness of our recruiting efforts, ensuring our ability to engage with the right people at the right time.

Erin Lewis

Communications Manager

A creative strategist and content creator with over ten years of experience crafting narratives for schools, nonprofits, and small businesses, Erin supports the Staffing Advisors team and our clients with writing, editing, and content development. She is passionate about helping organizations reach their goals through authentic content strategy, smart project management, and storytelling that makes an impact.

Brooke Lockhart

Director of Operations

Brooke makes sure our clients, partners and staff have the material they need, when they need it. Whether jump-starting a new client engagement or leveraging new technologies, Brooke ensures nobody and no piece of the process is overlooked. After studying operations management and working in supply chain operations for a Fortune 500 firm, she’s putting her background to work developing better, faster, more efficient ways to serve our clients and candidates.

Billi Prugh

Research Coordinator

Billi works behind the scenes to keep our research team running on rails, freeing up Kim and Margaret to work their magic. It’s impossible to imagine the chaos that would ensue without Billi’s incredible productivity and fierce attention to detail. Billi has a strong background in the real estate, IT, and rental car industries.

Margaret Szczepanik

Senior Research Analyst

After studying mathematics and spending 10 years as a U.S. Air Force Intelligence Analyst, Margaret is putting her investigative skills to good use identifying candidates from a variety of career backgrounds. While integral to every aspect of our work, as a Certified Diversity Sourcing Professional, Margaret’s main focus is ensuring that our research team develops a unique, qualified, and diverse candidate pool for every search.

Jennifer Wharton

Project Coordinator

Jennifer is the first point of contact most candidates have with Staffing Advisors; we like to think of her as our Chief Protocol Officer, because she helps us all mind our manners. Jennifer works with the Project Directors on everything from determining our advertising strategy and reviewing applications to developing search briefings and notifying candidates of their status. Her background includes marketing experience with several IT companies in Australia and product management support with MicroStrategy.

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