Driving Impact With Ethical AI

As a strategic partner to our nonprofit and association clients, we consider it our responsibility to help executives navigate AI as it reshapes the workplace. Through providing resources and perspectives, we aim to contribute to the community of informed leaders who can leverage AI to create positive change and drive lasting impact.

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Balancing Innovation and Risk

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad term for the array of technologies that can enhance the way your teams work and improve service delivery to your constituents—it presents both enormous potential for innovation and significant risk. And it will likely impact all functions within the association and nonprofit sectors, from fundraising and membership to communications and human resources. 

It’s essential to align your strategy with with your team’s needs, your organization’s values, and the communities you serve, considering governance, ethical issues, data security, change management, and more.

Our team is actively experimenting with generative AI (GenAI) and automation, sharing what we’ve learned, and gathering insights from others. We find that even for leaders with more technical expertise, this rapidly evolving landscape often raises more questions than answers. 

At the core of our ongoing research is identifying the essential skills decision makers will need to effectively lead a digital transformation and exploring how mission-driven organizations can better leverage their resources to meet strategic goals.

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Curated resources from trusted sources to inform your journey. 

Staffing Advisors President Bob Corlett, DesignDATA VP Erik Hass and Head of Emerging Tech Greg Starling, and NCMA CEO Kraig Conrad shared their experiences at What Association Leaders Need to Know About AI.

Click here for Greg Starling’s whitepaper, “Leading Though the AI Revolution: A Strategic Blueprint for Managing Generative AI Risks and Opportunities.”

For excellent guidance in using a large language model (like ChatGPT, Gemini, or Claude) as a thought partner, check out Coursera’s Navigating Generative AI: A CEO Playbook. The three-hour course completely changed how the Staffing Advisors team uses these platforms.

Tips for developing appropriate use policies to ensure employees use generative AI ethically and appropriately. Read it here.

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"How we judge our performance—vendors or those working in the association and nonprofit sectors—is impact. Is the impact greater than the cost? I grew up in a world where you could have two: faster, better, or less expensive. Now, with artificial intelligence, you can have all three. At this point, we all have an ethical obligation to try, to experiment, and to figure out what these tools can do."

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