Hiring Your Next CEO

We translate the search committee’s expectations into concrete action, creating an inclusive recruiting process that attracts transformational leaders and rigorously evaluates their ability to drive impact.

We have a 100% retention rate for our CEO placements in associations and nonprofits within the last five years, with budgets ranging from $2.5MM to $20MM.

Our CEO searches are not one-off transactions. They are often part of a long-term client relationship involving multiple senior staff searches. Because we place our CEO search work in the context of that long-term relationship, we are able to offer unmatched support at a fraction of what other firms typically charge. But unlike other firms, our work is backed by an industry-leading unconditional 2-year replacement guarantee. And our extensive experience conducting senior staff searches in associations and nonprofits gives us in-depth understanding of the issues inherent in each functional area, enabling us to craft a candidate vetting process that more accurately predicts success for your next CEO.

A search consultant should serve as your partner in risk management, providing a decision-support framework that leverages the knowledge and expertise of the search committee. Our goal is to provide your search committee with a transparent, data-backed, competency-driven approach to hiring that reaches the most highly qualified candidates and helps you to make the best decision possible with the most accurate information available.

You know the goals, aspirations, and challenges of your organization. We know how the work gets done and how the best hiring decisions are made. Together, we can help you find and select a successful leader with the potential to usher in many years of progress.

Unconditional Guarantee

An Unconditional Replacement Guarantee

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