Results-Based Hiring® Process

What is good for search firms is not necessarily good for their clients.

We set out to change that.  

Before Staffing Advisors conducted our first search, Bob Corlett spent 4 years studying what clients really wanted from the hiring process. With that knowledge, he built our company around a set of hiring practices that consistently align our interests with our clients, on every issue, every step of the way.

Now, ten years and 600 searches later, our client testimonials consistently point to five factors that distinguish the Results-Based Hiring® Process from the hiring practices of other search firms:

  1. Unconditional Guarantee. You’ll be protected by our industry-leading 18 month replacement guarantee. But you probably won’t need it. (Over 85% of the people we’ve placed are still on the job after 3 years.)

  2. Speed and Predictability. You’ll be interviewing within weeks, not months. Our hiring process is so fast and predictable that on day one of your search you’ll receive a timeline mapping out every step (including when you’ll be interviewing and when you can expect to make the job offer).   

  3. Results Orientation. We never use a “cookie cutter” approach. We take the time up front to think through your specific business needs, devising strategies to rigorously assess each candidate’s ability to succeed in your unique work environment. Our goal is to raise the bar, challenge your thinking, expand your options, and actively recruit people you would not have found on your own.

  4. Partnership. Our recruiting practices are designed to support cultural fit and long-term employee retention. We will work in long-term partnership with you. (Over 80% of our work is with clients who have engaged us 3 or more times.)
  5. Straightforward Budgeting. Our fees are fixed, all-inclusive, and often 50% lower than other search firms. (And because we operate on a “flat fee” basis, our salary advice is completely unbiased.)

See for Yourself

To observe the difference in our approach, talk to a few other search firms and then contact us. Based upon the questions each firm asks you, you’ll hear the difference in about 5 minutes.

To read why our hiring process is faster, more consistent, and less expensive than other search firms, download our Results-Based Hiring Process Overview.

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