Resources for Inclusive Recruiting and Hiring

Outdated hiring practices are failing us all. Differential treatment by race, age, education, and background is still commonplace. A competency-driven approach interrupts the unconscious patterns of behavior that can lead to unintentional bias. These practices help employers fairly assess candidates and build more diverse and effective teams.

Inclusive Practices

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Unconditional Guarantee

Unconditional Guarantee

No matter how unique your job is, or how competitive the job market, we protect you with the strongest guarantee in executive search—a 2-year unconditional replacement guarantee for CEO searches and 18 months for every other career level.


Transparent Process

Transparency and accountability are foundational to how we work and communicate. We keep your team in the know with a clear project timeline, delivered right up front. You will always know exactly what we are managing for you, what to expect, and when.