So the first step when applying for a new job is almost always “send your resume to….” And then you may or may not ever hear back, am I right?  I hate that helpless feeling after submitting my resume and wondering when or if they’ll contact me.

So if you’re like me you’ve probably wondered what YOU can do to reach out to THEM and follow-up on your application.  You don’t want to be that annoying candidate who sends 233747474 emails, but it is okay to follow up at appropriate times.  Heather Krasna, author and Director of Career Services at University of Washington’s School Public Affairs, tells us when:

  1. 3-7 days after submitting your application. You can call to show excitement and ask questions about the timeline of the process.
  2. Immediately following an interview. You must write a thank you note asap (See: thank you notes for more on thank yous).
  3. After being rejected. Even though you’re bummed, a polite thank you for the opportunity will show professionalism and help them keep you in mind in case the candidate falls through or they have another opening they want you for.