Should you send a Thank You Note after a Job Interview?  YES!! Not only is it polite, but it could increase your chances of getting the job. Career Rocketeer says only 10-20% of candidates send thank you notes after an interview, so it would definitely help you stand out. It would show that you are genuinely interested in the position as you took the time to think about the position after the interview was over, and it creates the impression that you will work well with others after being hired.

Here are some tips for doing it successfully:

  • Speed is of the essence. Send an email that same day. Following it up with a regularly mailed letter is ideal, but make sure they see some sort of thanks before they hire someone else!
  • Short and Sweet. They’re very busy people, so while they’ll read a short note, if it’s too long they may skip it.
  • Reasons why job is a good fit. List a reason or two (but not too many!) why you think you’re a good match, drawing on points they discussed in the interview.
  • Keep it professional. If you felt comfortable in an interview, that’s great, but make sure the letter does not come across as too casual.
  • Double check for mistakes. Grammar, spelling, or messy handwriting — everything must be perfect. You want to show off your communication skills, so make sure you proofread repeatedly.