Clearly you don’t always agree with your boss. So how do you know when to stand your ground and argue or when you should just give in and let the boss win.  If you argue with them poorly, it could cost you your job.  But if you argue effectively, it could greatly benefit the company.  So what should you know when making the decision to stand up for yourself? Scott Eblin wrote a great post with 3 ways to stand your ground.

  1. “Know Your Stuff” — In order to be respected, you have to really know the information you’re trying to argue.  Acknowledge other perspectives but argue your own.
  2. “Know Yourself” — Make sure your intentions are for the good of the company; not for your own interests. Take an objective look at why you are standing your ground.
  3. “Know Your Boss” — Try to anticipate their point of view and how they will react to yours. It’s okay to stand your ground, but also be able to recognize when to end the fight.