Before you get the job, you have to get through the recruitment process. Some companies make it more difficult than others – with long applicant tracking system applications that take over an hour. And some companies require that you do online testing before they offer you the job. As frustrating as it may be, it’s a necessary step between you and your dream job. So might as well figure out how to ace those online recruitment tests. Mervyn Dinnen of the jobsite Insider gives us 5 online testing mistakes to avoid:

  • Skim Reading – If you skim, you’re more likely to answer incorrectly. Instead, read and absorb the content fully.
  • Spelling – Check over what you write. It’s easy to make a typo; catch it before the hiring manager does!
  • Grammar – Use straightforward, succinct sentences to minimize grammatical errors. And again, proofread!
  • Nerves – Find a way to stay calm. Nerves are a natural reaction, but if you can calm down, you’ll think clearer.
  • Honesty – Answer what you believe is true, not what you think they want to hear. Don’t over think it.