Some people love to tell stories of dumb things candidates do. Some people love to collect idiotic phrases from cover letters. Some people love to dwell on the details of why someone gave a terrible interview.

I detest that behavior. Our candidates are people to be respected and served. Your candidates are potential employees, referral sources, customers, or donors.

The minute you allow petty story telling about the people you serve, you have stopped serving them and started down a slippery slope of condescension and arrogance.

I once worked in a staffing firm that had a policy of firing anyone who told a joke at the expense of a candidate. Zero tolerance. Fired on the first offense. If you want to improve your candidate experience and your hiring results, implement that policy first.

When you are the hiring manager with an important position to be filled, you must be vigilant to ensure that toxic group dynamics do not interfere with your ability to hire the most qualified candidates.