Court Ogilvie, Chief Operating Officer, National Military Family Association

Our association turned to Staffing Advisors for a critical position, and Bob and Aileen brought a creative and successful approach from day one. They asked a lot of questions to understand what kinds of candidates would work best for us. They also focused on both sides of the relationship (both the hiring manager and the candidates) in ways that other firms don’t. The Staffing Advisors approach was both strategic (they took the long view) and tactical (they understood that we needed the role filled on a timeline). They also made the effort to understand both our business need and our organizational culture. Whether you are a hiring manager or a candidate, we highly recommend their work.

Rob Jensen, President & CEO, Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation

AAMI has hired more than fifteen people through Staffing Advisors, they have a process for conducting executive searches that is the best I’ve ever experienced. I appreciate their knowledge of the job market, their careful vetting of candidates and their staff’s willingness to provide top drawer customer service. It is great to have a true partner organization that is as committed to finding the best people to help with our mission as we are.

Iris Rush, Executive Director, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology

In my work with two different associations, I’ve engaged Staffing Advisors to fill almost twenty positions over the past four years. Bob Corlett and his team have an innovative approach to their work that is evident from the start.  Fully engaged at the strategic level, the team achieves a solid understanding of organizational directions before approaching the actual position needs. From there, Bob has a unique ability to spot potential problems or challenges in any position description. Through a series of expert questioning, he has an uncanny ability to know where more work needs to be done in order to make the position description as strong as possible and attract the proper talent. Other recruiters may say they do this, but working with Bob and his team is a learning experience, not just a process.

If you are serious about wanting organizational change and are willing to stretch your own way of thinking, you will not regret hiring Staffing Advisors.

Jack Goldman, President & CEO, Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association

HPBA has engaged Staffing Advisors for several searches, and we have been very pleased with the process and the results.  I appreciate their analytical approach.  Because of the questions they asked me at the beginning of each search, I found myself asking fundamental questions about how to best structure each position.  Our collaboration quickly produced outstanding results:  in fact, I was presented with better options than I expected.

But beyond the results, I value Staffing Advisors’ straightforward professionalism.  Their efforts were all about delivering results, and it was clear that nothing was being done for show.  Rather than trying to lower my expectations or sell me on mediocre candidates, Staffing Advisors worked as a true partner with me in the search process.

I wholeheartedly recommend Staffing Advisors to anyone considering a search for a trade association professional.

Martha Lequeux, Human Resources Director, National Association of Social Workers    

Bob Corlett is a dynamic, results focused individual who is the epitome of the recruiter that every employer wishes they knew and had on tap to fill vacancies. I have worked with Bob numerous times over the last several years and each time Staffing Advisors has assisted me in filling a position I have been confident that we had found exactly the right person and I was right!

Bob and his staff take the time to analyze and understand the business needs and the specific functions of the job. More importantly, however, is the time spent getting to know the culture of the organization, you or the hiring manager personally, and determining the connection you want to have with your new employee – assuring compatibility for both the employer and the new hire.

There is a reason that I (and many others) return to Bob and Staffing Advisors for help time and again to find the perfect hire. I simply cannot recommend him highly enough. If you try Staffing Advisors once – I promise you’ll call him back with your next vacancy.

Elizabeth Gemoets, Chief Operating Officer, Association of Academic Health Centers    

AAHC has used Staffing Advisors for all of our significant hires over the past several years.  They have consistently been a pleasure to work with – knowledgeable in their field, responsive to both us and applicants, and thoughtful in their advice as we work through the process.  We were reluctant to give up ownership of the recruitment phases of hiring, but Staffing Advisors has saved us considerable time and effort, and brought significant added expertise and guidance to the process.

I recommend them highly.

Bonnie Davis, Director of Human Resources, Financial Planning Standards Board  

Staffing Advisors was a trusted partner to help us fill a senior position.  This was a more difficult to fill position and they patiently screened what was probably a longer list than usual.  In the end, we hired an outstanding candidate that I’m certain we would not have found had we tried to fill it on our own.

Lisa McGreevy, President & CEO, Online Lenders Alliance

Working with Staffing Advisors was the smartest management move I have made this year.  They are incredibly professional and helped us refine the qualities and characteristics to ensure that we were clear on the job and the kind of person.

Robert Pinnegar, Chief Executive Officer, National Apartment Association     

Staffing Advisors is a valuable resource in finding and hiring the right talent.  They started by asking us the right questions to make us think about the position we are filling to define what success is for the right candidate.  Following that process, they identified a pool of qualified candidates for us to choose from.  The people they have helped us find have been valuable additions to our team.

Lawrence D. Sloan, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, American Industrial Hygiene Association

I would like to express how pleased we are in your firm’s success in identifying strong candidates for our positions. Our initial meeting required us to apply critical thinking as to the type of person we were looking for. Gina was a pleasure to work with, and provided excellent initial pre-screening on all candidates she deemed worthy of our time. Her attention to detail and prompt follow-through really helped keep our interview process on schedule, especially considering the tight timeframe we were operating in. She also provided us with suggested interview questions, which were quite useful to us.

Coupled with the fact that SA charges a flat fee per job, which is highly competitive versus traditional recruiters, SA wins our support hands down as our new recruiter of choice.