In some ways, the time after the interview is scarier than the interview itself.  When I leave an interview I always want to know what they thought of me; did I come across as confident, smart, friendly, annoying or inexperienced?  Did I show them what they wanted to see?  Was I myself? Will they even like the true me? Do they have a good sense of how I will work with the employees there? Will they call me back?

Ronnie Ann of the Work Coach Café made a great list of what employers are looking for in the interview.  She says the overall impression is greater than the sum of its parts and gives great tips for making a good impression. Here are a few of the parts:

  • Energy — Do you convey a positive physical energy as well as positive attitude?
  • Body Language — Were you engaged, with eye contact, and a confident posture?
  • Did you actually answer the questions asked?
  • Do you seem like someone who would be enjoyable to work with?
  • Flexibility — Are you open to new ideas and new processes?
  • Stories — Did you give real world examples of things you’ve done?