An internship is a great way to start down a career path.  It also can be a good way to get a full-time job.

If you are fortunate enough to find an internship, how do you lead that internship to a full-time offer?  Here are some techniques, suggested by Quintessential Careers, for turning that internship into a job:

  • Be sure you want a full-time job with the company. Interning allows an employer to test drive an employee, and it also lets the employee test drive the employer.  Is it a good fit?
  • Do your best work, day after day. Treat the internship as if it’s “the real thing.” Be willing to do what’s needed. Deliver only high-quality work.
  • Seek out extra work, new projects. Show your willingness to go beyond the job description for your internship.  Look for ways you can make your co-workers’ jobs easier. You’ll make a great impression while sharpening your skills so you can step into a permanent position when the time comes.
  • Maintain a positive, eager-to-learn attitude. Ask questions. Show that you want to learn the job and learn the company.
  • Develop your skills. Learn unfamiliar software programs. Try projects that help you to hone skills you’ve never used or don’t use often.
  • Track your contributions and accomplishments. Be sure to keep a record of all the ways you’ve contributed during your internship. Be prepared to present this list when you make your pitch to the employer for a permanent job.
  • If the internship doesn’t turn into a job, keep in contact and be persistent. Maybe you’re not in a position to take a full-time job when the internship ends. Perhaps you have coursework to complete before graduation. If that’s the case, be sure to leave on the best possible terms. Write to your supervisor to thank him or her for the internship opportunity.