According to a recent survey commissioned by the talent management company Plateau, the top five reasons employees consider leaving their jobs are salary (57%), needing a change (31%), career and advancement opportunities (29%), change of profession (22%) and concerns for the employer’s future (18%).

In a blog on, Jenna Goudreau offers the top 10 signs it’s time to leave your job.  Here they are:

  1. You’re no longer valued.  If you’re not getting the recognition you deserve, it’s time to reevaluate.
  2. The job is literally making you ill. Developing chronic back problems, headaches, stomach pains or sleep issues may all signal a problem job. Equally telling are weekends spent dreading going into work.
  3. You have a drop in productivity or too much downtime.
  4. You are no longer learning new skills.
  5. You are passed over for a promotion, again. The clearest red flag is when a subordinate is promoted over you.
  6. You or your budget have been reassigned.
  7. Your accomplishments go unrecognized.
  8. There’s no raise in sight — has the value of your contribution outgrown your compensation?
  9. You can’t even fake interest in the work.
  10. The company is contracting — look for signs that the company is in trouble.