To hire a superstar for your new project, don’t go looking for someone who has a long track record of doing exactly what you need to have done. Instead, look for someone with a great track record just slightly below your challenge. Hire someone who can grow into the job.

Far too many hiring managers forget that hiring requires mutual attraction. Just because you want to hire someone great, doesn’t mean that someone great wants to work for you.

If you want to hire superstars who have already accomplished tasks like yours, you need to know that the they probably feel successful in their current jobs, are well-paid and have a sufficient budget and a strong team. They have earned the respect of their peers and are doing interesting work. It feels great to be winning, so why would they risk all that to come work for you?

Think about what you are offering candidates. Ask yourself, “Why would someone terrific want to work in this job, at this time, for my organization?”

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