Staffing_Advisors_Consistent_HiringClients often ask us about the state of the job market. But what they really want to know is whether they can attract someone to deliver the business impact they need. Salary budgets are precious things. In uncertain times, nobody wants to risk hiring someone who might fail in the current environment. At the conclusion of any search:

  • Would you rather have the confidence that you hired a top performer?
  • Or the lingering feeling that you could have found someone better?

Here’s the good news. Consistent hiring of top performers is absolutely possible, even with the inherent unpredictability of both people and job markets. Because the problems of hiring are found in the hiring process itself, not with candidates or the job market.

Typical hiring processes don’t adapt to job markets, but they should. That’s why we produced our Consistent Hiring guide, Supporting the Hiring Decision. In this guide, you will learn how to make successful hiring a statistical certainty:

  • How typical hiring processes accidentally eliminate highly qualified candidates
  • How to structure your hiring process to improve hiring decisions
  • How market research leads to smarter hiring decisions
  • How to know when more recruiting becomes a waste of time
  • The magic number of interviews that make successful hiring a statistical certainty