Getting ready for an interview? There are lots of ways to prepare. Look up some common interview questions and think about how you would answer them (We’ve compiled our interview advice /sample questions here).

But once you know the question, how should you develop your response? Scot Herrick from Cube Rules recommends using a CAR to answer interview questions: Context, Action, Result. I have also heard this called the STAR method: Situation, Task, Action, Result. So how do you bring a CAR to the interview?

Herrick says include Context: Describe the situation you were in/the problem you encountered. Remember that the hiring manager wasn’t there with you, so you need to fill them in on what was happening, the urgency of it, how you were tasked to make an impact for the organization.

Then, talk about the Action: What did you do to turn the situation around? How did you make a productive decision? Describe the action you took to either show your job skills, show your motivation, or show how you fit in a team.

Lastly, end with Results: What was the consequence of your actions? What problem did you solve? How did it improve the numbers, change the process, and help the company?

What has your experience been? Does taking a CAR to the interview work for you? Let us know! Leave a comment below.