This blog is usually addressed to the jobseeker him/herself, but today we’re going to make a little change and address it to the parents of jobseekers.  Parents, you’re probably wondering how you can help your children find a job in this crazy economy.  Especially if your child is a recent graduate, they may find it incredibly difficult to land their first real job.  So how do you help your child find a job?  Lee Miller from New Jersey Business has some great suggestions for helping your children become more independent and more likely to land a job.  Here are a few:

  • If you let your children move back in with you, hold them accountable to paying rent and doing household chores.
  • Encourage them to volunteer a few days a week — it’s a great way to teach responsibility and work skills, but it’s also good for boosting their resume and meeting networking contacts.
  • Providing structure for their job search — Telling them specific blocks of time where they should be job hunting, and a quiet space they can use to do the hunting.
  • Stay back.  Helping your child is ok, but taking control of their job search is not actually helping at all.  Lee Miller cautions that over-involved parents will actually hinder the search.  This is your child’s job; let them make mistakes and learn from them.