Is Your Recruiting and Hiring Process Broken?

Quickly See How Your Hiring Process Stacks Up

SA_Scorecard_SMALL_Image_for_LP.pngTypical recruiting and hiring decisions are driven by gut instinct and personality judgements. The result? Record employee dissatisfaction and disengagement, resulting in greater disruption, higher costs and immense opportunity costs for employers.

You can combat the flaws of the typical recruiting and hiring process and learn to hire predictably and succcessfully. The first step: assess the strengths and weaknesses within your existing hiring process.

With the Results-Based Hiring® Scorecard, determine your ability to:

  • Assess new hires for their ability to achieve your organizational goals
  • Make data-backed hiring decisions
  • Translate crucial organizational needs into key competencies and skills
  • Properly evaluate new hires based on those key competencies and skills
  • Eliminate unnecessary turnover