How To Write Job Descriptions That
Attract Great Candidates

The 6 Steps to Creating More Effective Job Ads

How to Write Job Descriptions That Attract Great CandidatesEvery time a dull job description is posted as a job advertisement, your hiring process is already headed down the wrong path. The language used in most job descriptions actually prevents candidates from understanding your job. This slows down your hiring process, wastes your time by interviewing the wrong people, and creates unmet expectations, which can lead to high employee turnover.

Most job advertising budgets are wasted on ineffective ads that don’t reach the right people. Effective job postings attract the right people for the right reasons, so you spend your time interviewing people who will fit into your culture and stay long enough to deliver results.


  • What most job ads get wrong
  • What most job ads are missing
  • How your job ad can attract people for the right reasons
  • How to structure your job ad
  • How to decide where to post your ad