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The Results-Based Hiring® Process is faster, more certain, and far less expensive than the costly approaches found elsewhere. You will be protected by our industry-leading 18 month replacement guarantee. (But you probably won’t need it. We've placed over 800 people and over 85% of them were still hard at work for our clients more than 3 years later.) We support you with Evidence-Based Interviewing practices that fairly assess candidates during video interviews, reduce bias throughout the hiring process, and build diverse teams. 

We conduct executive searches in Washington, DC and nationwide, in every functional area and for every career level. Our clients say we’re disciplined and strategic in our approach. This video briefly outlines our candidate recruiting process, and this post outlines the services we believe a modern executive search firm should offer.

Starting today means you'll be interviewing candidates in:

Vice President and C-Level searches: 7 weeks


Director Level searches: 6 weeks


Manager and Specialist Level searches: 5 weeks


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What Business Leaders Say About Us

We’ve been working with Bob Corlett and Staffing Advisors for several years now. What started as simple recruiting for specific positions has evolved into them managing an ongoing recruiting process that has been highly effective. They have proven to be highly reliable at finding a broad range of talent from C-Level positions all the way down to field technicians and manufacturing workers. They have literally changed the face of our workforce and placed more than fifty qualified applicants in our organization.

By developing job specific hiring blueprints and aggressively vetting the applicants, our staff is left with the simple task of interviewing a pool of pre-qualified candidates which significantly reduces the stress and time commitment inherent to this process. We’ve been very satisfied with the results and knowing that we can fill any open position quickly has allowed our team to grow faster than we could have without Staffing Advisors help. The team led by Aileen Hedden is closely engaged in our strategic staff planning and they have created a process of maintaining a continual pipeline of candidates who are ready when we need them. This recruiting process is now a significant advantage that we enjoy over our competition in a way that we never could have achieved on our own.

I recommend them unconditionally (and often do).

- David Stone, Chief Executive Officer, Kensington Glass Arts

Staffing Advisors has a wonderful process that really helped us articulate our needs for two key positions. It was refreshing to see the speed of the process and the quality of the candidates presented. We knew immediately that we had people who would be a great fit with our culture.

- Steve Braunstein, CPA, Partner and President, Snyder Cohn