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The Results-Based Hiring® Process is faster, more certain, and far less expensive than the costly approaches found elsewhere. You will be protected by our industry-leading 18 month replacement guarantee. (But you probably won’t need it. We've placed over 800 people and over 85% of them were still hard at work for our clients more than 3 years later.)

Staffing Advisors has successfully completed nearly 400 searches for Washington DC-based associations. Because we place more executives into senior staff roles than any other search firm, we know the DC job market, the people, and the challenges in every functional area. In 2019, we completed more searches for DC-based associations than the next two search firms combined. This video briefly outlines our candidate recruiting process, and this post outlines the services we believe a modern executive search firm should offer.

Starting today means you'll be interviewing candidates in:

Vice President and C-Level searches: 7 weeks


Director Level searches: 6 weeks


Manager and Specialist Level searches: 5 weeks


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What Association Leaders Say About Us

AAHC has used Staffing Advisors for all of our significant hires over the past several years.  They have consistently been a pleasure to work with – knowledgeable in their field, responsive to both us and applicants, and thoughtful in their advice as we work through the process.  We were reluctant to give up ownership of the recruitment phases of hiring, but Staffing Advisors has saved us considerable time and effort, and brought significant added expertise and guidance to the process.

I recommend them highly.

- Elizabeth Gemoets, Chief Operating Officer, Association of Academic Health Centers

In my work with two different associations, I’ve engaged Staffing Advisors to fill almost twenty positions over the past four years. 

Bob Corlett and his team have an innovative approach to their work that is evident from the start.  Fully engaged at the strategic level, the team achieves a solid understanding of organizational directions before approaching the actual position needs. From there, Bob has a unique ability to spot potential problems or challenges in any position description. Through a series of expert questioning, he has an uncanny ability to know where more work needs to be done in order to make the position description as strong as possible and attract the proper talent. Other recruiters may say they do this, but working with Bob and his team is a learning experience, not just a process.

If you are serious about wanting organizational change and are willing to stretch your own way of thinking, you will not regret hiring Staffing Advisors.

- Iris Rush, Executive Director, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology