How to Negotiate Job Offers


Negotiation is a tough process because you need to juggle getting what you want (and deserve) without damaging the future relationship with your employer and — worse case — having them withdraw your offer.  Maryanne Wegerbauer provides “positive negotiation techniques” for respectfully reaching a compromise both parties can be happy with.
Here are a few of her tricks:

  1. Adapt to your audience — Figure out who you will be negotiating with, and try a communication style that will work best with that individual.
  2. Focus long term — If you will be working with this person, don’t jeopardize the relationship now… Instead, appear open to compromise and willing to negotiate, not just set your wants in stone.
  3. Convey trust — Show them that you are committed to the company and to getting results.  You are competent and experienced but show them you genuinely want to reach an agreement.
  4. Think about it — If no compromise is reached in the first session, that’s ok… Go home, think about the conversation and maybe a later follow-up conversation will reach a different conclusion.