How to Decide if You’re a Cultural Fit for the Job



Last week I blogged about the importance of finding an employer with a culture that matches your own. Well Kerry Sandberg Scott of ClueWagon wrote another charming post about how to determine whether or not a company will be a cultural fit.

She lists 4 simple steps to discovering the culture of a company, and thus, whether or not it will jive with your own:

  1. Ask — Find out from the people that work there what they love and hate about the company.
  2. Google — Message boards can give you insider’s opinions on the company. Beware, however, they’re often tainted by irritated former employees.
  3. Use your network — Ask everyone you know for their opinions on the company.
  4. Check References — Use the social media sites we’re always talking about (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to find your future colleagues at the desired company and ask their opinions.