Candidate Testimonials

Wil Vargas   

I've worked with many recruitment firms in my career, and Staffing Advisors was the best. I received timely updates, and they kept me informed at every step. Staffing Advisors truly felt like a partner in the recruitment process. 

Prianka Kazi

Gina at Staffing Advisors was incredibly helpful from step one. She thoroughly explained the job opportunity and gave me a clear understanding of what the position required as well as the skills that I needed. She talked me through the interview steps, and was wonderfully encouraging the whole time. I can honestly say that Gina and the Staffing Advisors team are caring and thorough, and they went above and beyond to help me land an incredible job.

Waleed Almousa  

Thank you for all that you did and most importantly for believing in me. I had been looking for a job that matched my expertise and my experience for quite a while. Looking back on the journey and my experience with Staffing Advisors, I really appreciate that you were able to guide and advise me throughout the entire process and keep me posted with every development. I tried to land a job with this organization for a few years, but had you not advocated and vouched for me, I wouldn’t be here now! For that I’m eternally grateful.

Daniel Samek  

To say I’m a big fan of Staffing Advisors is an understatement. They made the tough process that is the job hunt incredibly easy. Throughout the entire hiring process, they could not have been more responsive and supportive. They would call me to follow up after every interview, and let me know when I would hear back. I could not be more pleased with my experience as a candidate.

Jill Davis

Working with Staffing Advisors was a great experience. The team was extremely responsive and facilitated discussions with the potential employer in a timely and efficient manner. Staffing Advisors was a professional and reliable resource through the entire hiring process.

Jessica Townsend

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