How to Consistently Recruit Top Performers

Increase Your Odds of Success and Lower Your Chance of Failure with This Hiring Strategy

Staffing_Advisors_Consistent_HiringAt the end of a long search, you want to be confident that you hired a top performer, not left wondering if you could have found someone better.

It is entirely possible to hire top performers consistently, even though people and job markets are inherently unpredictable. The problem with hiring is not the candidates or even the job market. The cause of most hiring failure is the hiring process itself. The typical hiring process is a flawed relic from the past, relying on gut instinct and personality instead of market research.

From this download, you get both of our Consistent Hiring guides: Supporting the Hiring Decision and Recruiting Top Performers. In just a few minutes, you will learn: 

  • How typical hiring processes accidentally eliminate highly qualified candidates
  • How to structure your hiring process to make better hiring decisions
  • How market research leads to smarter hiring decisions
  • How to know when more recruiting would be a waste of your time
  • The magic number of interviews that makes hiring a statistical certainty

Stop Making Hiring Mistakes