Statement of Principles

Typical approaches to recruiting fail because nobody takes responsibility for the entire hiring process, including the long-term outcome.

We do.

In an industry of search firms with look-alike processes and promises, Staffing Advisors intentionally stands apart. We believe that the typical hiring process, used virtually everywhere, is fundamentally broken. Unlike finance, marketing, and almost every other functional area, hiring decisions are still being driven by gut instinct and personality rather than by data.

In addition to being faster, more consistent, and less expensive than other search firms, there are 4 key differences you will experience in working with us: 

  • We delve deeply into the business results you want to achieve, surfacing key performance factors that other processes usually overlook. Our data-backed, research intensive candidate research process expands your hiring options, revealing options you might not have considered. And our rigorous interview sequence ensures that the people you hire will fit right into your culture and deliver business results for years to come.

  • We don’t let the obvious parts of hiring distract us from the more important but less visible parts. We don’t over-emphasize the superficial, easily observable aspects of hiring (good looking resumes, good looking candidates, and attractively formatted documents that say little). We focus our attention on the less visible, but more important aspects of your search: systematically diversifying the candidate pool, rigorously evaluating candidate competencies, and methodically presenting you with all the information you need to make a wise and fully informed decision. 

  • We define great service differently than other search firms. We don’t think that just doing what you expect of us is enough; it’s equally important that we shoulder our share of the hiring risk. The reason we offer our industry-leading 18 month unconditional replacement guarantee is to firmly align our long-term interests with yours, search after search, year after year. This shared goal drives us to continually improve our hiring process, making it the most consistently effective hiring process available at any price.
  • We manage your reputation. Most recruiting firms manage the recruiting process, but we take it a step further by also managing your reputation as an employer. Thanks to the emergence of employer review sites like Glassdoor, most of your reputation as an employer, and most of your personal reputation as an executive, now stems from how you manage the recruiting process. Your board of directors can read every disgruntled employee’s account of their work experience, and so can every prospective future employee. And while nobody can stop grumpy people from writing bad reviews, a properly structured hiring process will cause fewer people to become grumpy in the first place.   

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