Our Story

We support organizations who are working to achieve something significant.

Helping clients navigate change and uncertainty is what we do best. We understand that journey. Other people may be content to do the same old thing the same old way. We're not.

We’ve thought strategically about our business model, adopting new technology and revamping our business practices to find new ways to deliver more value at a lower cost. We’ve developed advanced analytics to better understand our environment. We’ve adapted our approach to communications, so we deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. If that sounds like what you are up to, let's talk.  

We know, from thousands of conversations, that most people have similar goals when it comes to workManagers want to build teams where each person pulls their own weight, where ideas turn into action, and where action gets results. Employees want to work with other competent people on teams that inspire diverse thought, perspectives, and ideas. We all want to work in environments that get results and that “raise our game.”

We help our clients create work teams where all of their employees can do the best work of their lives.  

The problem we solve

Everyone wants to work with high performing teams, but most hiring managers find it difficult to consistently find and hire the right people, with the right skills, who fit into the culture while offering diverse perspectives. While almost anyone can make the occasional good hire, hiring high performing teams is not easy; one bad apple spoils the whole bunch.

In the interview, it’s hard to know when someone will succeed long-term, or whether someone better might be hidden from your view. Hiring managers do the best they can, but the typical hiring process is fundamentally broken. As management guru W. Edwards Deming observed, “A bad system will beat a good person every time.”

The problems in hiring run deep. You cannot fix them by just finding a better job board, administering a more clever pre-employment test, or brushing up on your interview techniques.  

Why consistent, successful hiring is so difficult

The problem in hiring stems from a lack of perspective. The work is all piecemeal. Nobody oversees and manages the entire hiring process, taking full responsibility for the long-term outcome. Instead, all the key tasks are divided up:

  • The hiring manager knows the work to be done, and may be responsible for business outcomes, but does not control the recruiting process.
  • The HR department is not intimately familiar with the work to be done, but is in control of the recruiting effort.
  • Relying on job advertising to recruit candidates means nobody has perspective on the available people in the job market, or which other employers might be competing with you for the same candidates.
  • Outside services marketed as “recruiting solutions” suffer from the same problem, addressing only one tiny aspect of hiring (advertising, interviewing, personality testing, etc.), but do not take responsibility for whether the new hire ultimately delivers meaningful results.

Search firms are not immune from the perspective problem.

  • Contingency search firms, constrained by their business model, offer the candidates they have in inventory, but have little incentive to invest time understanding the business problem or recruiting new candidates.
  • Retained search firms are paid to develop a slate of candidates, but few take the time to fully understand the business problem. Instead, most retained firms lack rigor, opting to take the comfortable path of presenting candidates who fit the client’s preconceived notions, while overlooking many other qualified candidates.

When a recruiting partner fails to understand the business problem to be solved, they can’t possibly guarantee that their placed candidate will succeed. This is why most search firm replacement guarantees are meaninglessly short: often just a year, and sometimes even less.

How we solve the problem

Instead of relying on gut instinct and personality, our process is rigorous, data-driven, transparent, consultative, and completely free from distracting sales incentives. 

Recognizing that wise hiring decisions cannot be made with incomplete information, Staffing Advisors manages every aspect of the hiring process for you, allowing us to accept full responsibility for the outcome.

You’ll notice the difference in your first meeting with us. Your long-term business results expectations drive our recruiting efforts, and because we take responsibility for those outcomes, we ask very different questions than other search firms. Our sophisticated candidate research capabilities offer insight into your options within the job market. And our rigorous interview process offers clarity, not only about who is most qualified to deliver your desired business impact, but also who would find that job most attractive.

Our Results-Based Hiring® Process is a long-term results partnership, backed by our industry-leading, unconditional 18 month replacement guarantee.

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